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Rendy Rustam Interview with Keith Martin

My Interview with keith Martin (Let’s sing Because of you, First!) =)

Keith Martin is an American R&B singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, currently living and working in Stockton, California. Martin is best known for writing and singing romantic love songs.

Life doesn’t always go our way. When days turn to a little more chaotic, a man brightens up our mood to love and to live. I met Keith Martin, the famous singer and songwriter, before his Live Show at KLAPA Pecatu

It’s a breezy afternoon, and I felt honored to meet Keith Martin. I remember his phenomenal and timeless “Because of You”. The big hit after his first debut in Indonesia by the movie soundtrack of Bad Boy II; Never Find Someone Like You.

Rendy: You came many times to several towns in Indonesia since your first well known “Never Find Someone Like You” and “Because of You” hits. How does it feel to be back here again?

Keith: It’s wonderful, because I can say this place is like my second home, you know. Although I live in Philipines, I would love to come here for vacation. Eventhough it’s the work that I do, it seems like working. But I’m glad to be able to come back here.

Rendy: Please tell us about your new album!

Keith: It’s called Let Me Take Control. There are nine songs and the current single is “Lady”. Kenny Rogers and Lionell Richie co-wrote it. And there’s an acoustic version of “Because of You”.

Rendy:You’re well known for writing very romantic songs. What’s your secret to do that? And where do all your inspirations come from?

Keith: Well…, I guess I am a hopelessly romantic, you know. Love songs, that’s my thing. I love songs that stand time after time. About inspirations, pretty much is just life in general, you know. I just want to be able to create something new and fresh. But mostly the ideas come from the experiences of myself.

Rendy: Talking about love. How is your love life now?

Keith: Well, man… There’s not much to tell about my lovelife. I work so much. I am constantly working. Hahaha…

Rendy: And how did you celebrate the Christmas yesterday?

Keith: I work! Hahaha. Celebrating Christmas for me is more sharing the music to those who celebrate it.

Rendy: Tell us about the place you’re living in now; Philipines.

Keith: Well, let’s see… I have a lot of work and production there. It makes me busy. I’m usually in the studio or performing. When I’m around, I’m taking care of my little baby boy. He’s six months. He’ll be hunk. Hahaha.

Rendy: Let’s talk about fashion. How do you describe your current personal style?

Keith: Oh, man… Hahaha. You know, what? I don’t think I have a style! I just kind a dress according to how I feel. I love bright colors. I love to look nice and different. I think my style would be more…casual cool. Yeah, that’s my personal style.

Rendy: What’s the fashion item that you keep on buying for more although you’ve had enough?

Keith: Hahaha. Sean John and Fubu, that’s my stuff. Rock wear. That’s what I support.

Rendy: How do you like a woman dressed?

Keith: I like a woman dressed, you know, casual sexy. Same way, they wanna dress how they wanna be. Just flip on jeans and that’s cool, too. It’s all about attitude and how you wear it.

Rendy: You’ve been in love with music for decades. How does it feel now?

Keith: It’s the part of my life forever. Much as I could understand, it never changes. It’s what I do.

Rendy: Would you tell us the hard time you got in making a name in music industry?

Keith: Well, you know what. It’s still a consant battle. Because I personally still try to reach goals I haven’t reached yet. I just look at the things around me, and I say, “thanks”. But I still haven’t reached my goal yet. I still want to have my own record label and run the company.

Rendy: For us, you are one of wonderful artist we idolized. What would be the tips you’d like to share for those who want to be a great artist like you?

Keith: I would say, stay original, stay true to your heart and always develop your talent. Don’t let anybody dictate you what your dream should be. It’s your dream, you follow that. There was a lot of people tried to dictate what my dream should be. It’s your vision, not their vision. I stucked on my own vision.

Rendy: Some say that the talent search as American Idol and Pop Star are creating instant success for the youth. What do you think about that?

Keith: Really it’s not! It’s a process. In the end of day, the might find recognition of their success. I’ve looked at all the heartbreak and rejection of their talent. Once it’s done, there’s no instant about it becase they’ve got process to reach that, you know. They can enjoy being chosen. For me, that’s a whole really a stressful process for they’re judged by personality. I could say there’s nothing instant about it all.

Rendy: If you’re given chance to change what you regretted in the past, what would you change?

Keith: Hm…What would I say. Well, hahaha. With me, I’d say; understanding the business of music at the early age. Business is business. People make money on it. People use you. You have to understand it, unless you’ll be taken advantage by people. You could lose your life, time and money you know. If I knew what I know now, I think it would be all different.

Rendy: What are you doing now?

Keith: I’m still promoting the album and I want to set up with the situation here so I can discover the local new talents. You’re going to hear it real soon. I am discovering new talents.

Rendy: It’s going to be their privilege!

Keith: No, it’s going to be my privilege! Hahaha. I can’t wait!

Keith Martin performed and hypnotized the audience that evening with the romantic atmosphere. Thanks to KLAPA Pecatu, Keith martin and Ron Kingston could experience Keith Martin singing live, celebrating the joy of love.

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